Properly Framing Any Piece

Properly Framing Any Piece

Posted by Tony's Art & Framing Specialist on Sep 30th 2016

Dilemma At The Workstation

There is huge dilemma customers face when framing any piece and I am sure many professional framers will understand what I speak of. Customers focus on decorating art depending on their decor at home and others focus on framing their art depending on what the piece asks for. 

What's the right way to do it?

In our many years of experience, we always advice to choose a frame combination that compliments the piece. IGNORE THE FURNITURE COLOR. 


Trends of home decor are always changing, so any frame one chooses for a piece should focus on the piece and nothing else. Besides the fact that many people end up uniforming (stick to a few colors) their home; an art piece should not be part of that mistake. Art and framing should make the walls stand out, but to an extend. 

In Conclusion.

Stick to framing the piece as it should be and forget about the home decor. To be conservative, choose a frame that would contrast different home decors. 

Thank You.